Assalamualaikum, greeting to everyone. I hope you are all in the pink of health.

My name is Siti Noraisyah, everyone calls me Aisyah and should are you. I was born on 11th May 1994 by a family of seven, have Jawa parents, a sister, a brother ( he's a doctor now) and a younger sister. As you count, let me tell you, I'm now 16 going to be 17 and currently studying in SMK Meru, Klang. I take Science course plus EST in class 5 Science 1.

 As I grow up, my point of view expands wider and broader and goes on and would never ever stop. I don't take things slightly and believe that every single thing in this world is actually alive. What I mean here is, we should love everything around us, but do not be obsessed with it.

Besides interested in Science, I do really like designing. I don't know how to draw and all that stuff but I am passionate in Graphic Designing. So, I'm currently being as the Graphic Designer and also Chief Editor for the school's magazine, TERAS together with my friend, Aliyah from 5 Science 3.

One thing you should really know about me, I'm not proud of myself, even that I aware that I got a lot of achievement before, but that doesn't mean there's no one is better than me. Every single man has his own abilities. I discovered mine, so what's yours? Think about it. It's inside you.

So, we might be in the same school and you saw me, then you think I'm snobbish, arrogant and whatsoever just because I ignore you! No, that's not true. I'm a very shy person. Moreover, I can't suddenly accost everyone along the road, I'll be embarrassed then. In addition, I am also short-sighted so when I'm not wearing spectacles, I can barely sees anyone from the distant. You might even think that I'm the smartest student or any such but I'm just average, like you! I study, and study and study more so that I can be brighter for myself, for my sake! You should too. Go, Grab that chance!