Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Best Day Ever!!

Well, today is a very magnificent day.
The best day ever, the day which I passed PMR with flying colors.
It is a very great day. I got 9A's in PMR!
That means my dreams come true!
The first thing after abah took me get the PMR slip, he got me a new phone memory card!
I got 2 gig….oh my! I never dream to get a 2 gig. I thought 1 gig is already okay. Well, I got better!
In the afternoon, Kak Ain treat us in McDonald's for lunch. Delicious treat, you know.
Then, mom bought me some new ***. The expensive one.
The conclusion is I have the best day in the world today.
Not only me the one who got 9A's. There's more than 5 others. Congratulations you all!!
It's a very great achievement for SMK MERU. I bet the principle really love it. Haha!!

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