Monday, February 8, 2010

Things are gettin' better

*It's been almost a week that Najib had gone to his new school.
And I miss HIM!! I really miss Najib, Syafiq and Syarif.
Hope can see them again!

*When I think of Najib, I'll think of orange colour. When it comes to Syafiq, there comes purpleand when it is about Syarif, there is blue! Hahah, funny eh.

*About school...
Well, I....think I love my class.
I feels nothing odd anyway and yeah, the craziness come back!!

*My post as prefect-almost stable!

*Me, as student- very much okay...just to keep it up!!

*Being a child to my family- the responsibility comes catching me slowly!

Me and my sister

The fact is....I'm far happier now!!

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