Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy week...

Fuhh  , finally this week has at its end.
Another news to be told,

About the other day,
the Pantun thing,
I'm sorry that we've lost to SMK Shahbandaraya, their team is pretty good as SMK Meru's.
But that never meant that we'll stop our courage to win. Just wait for the next year.

About Pidato,
1st place- KISAS; I think his name is Firdaus...
2nd place- SMK Meru; Haziq Aiman
3rd place- SAM Nurul Iman; I don't remember his name laa..

AND about Scrabble,
It was Me, Farah Aqila, Syazwan and Hafizudin.
We went to the SCRABBLE workshop yesterday at SMK Dato' Hamzah, Klang.
It wasn't much but it really2 helpful for me, it gave some tips, well actually a lot.
We're going to the World Scrabble Championship on 17th April.

p/s- sorry, I don't feel much excitement today. I still have a lot, lotta work to cover. 
And, um, exhausted already laah. I'll upload related pictures later, okay.

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