Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We won !!

Today, a very big and great day for sure.
SMK Meru won against SAMT Sultan Hisamudin
Huhu, we did it !!
We'll be going for the next round on Thursday, we will be competing 
SMK Shahbandaraya, Klang.

On the same day,
SMK Meru is also going to MTQ (Majlis Tilawah Alquran).

Hurm, what else? 
Oh yea, tomorrow Wednesday, our school will be the host for Pidato competition.
I'm on duty with Zaid and Is,
managing registration and capture pics and whatever lahh..
Wish us luck !!

And also;
Today, I got Add Math paper, 
and I did it !!
Though it just 58%, but it worth after all.
 Because there are just 4 pupil who did not fail. And I'm one of them, a bit happy but not much for it.
 I was just stumbled to see their faces, so devastated eh. 
Pathetic though..... 
and I'm exhausted.

Here, some pics to be viewed;

Aku, Aireena, Kak Mira and Zaid

Aireena...form 2

Sibuk benar..


Guru pembimbing


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