Monday, March 22, 2010

I Love It !!

Yuhuuu, I love this day. I felt like....the burdens go away, faaar awayyy.

So, the story begins;
As what stated on the last post, today we did our last practice and rehearsal for Pantun. Well, we did play some competition against teams. Around 4.45 p.m. Pn. Rusidah and Pn. Supinah have agreed to take ;
Aiman, Farah Aqila and Aireena Yasmin as the main 'Pemantun'. 
Kak Amirah Izzah is the 'simpanan'. 
Audiences are Zaid and Me and Anis Rizwani....ngahaha. 
And Iskandar as the time watcher.

It turns much likely like I wanted that I don't want to be the main, hehe
I Love It !!
I felt like the stress, the tense disappeared just like that!! Whow, never imagine it. 
I think I want to dance around, and shake it and shake it !! 

Like this, 
ooh ooh ooh, 
baby baby baby ooh, 
-Justin Bieber's song- 
Hahaha, I'm not that crazy lah, buat malu je depan cikgu nanti. 

One more great news =)
I'm going to the Scrabble competition this Saturday!!
Oh yeah!! 
I Love It !!

And the last thing is,
I got lot of A's in the first monthly test.
I Love It!!

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