Saturday, October 2, 2010

The way I love myself

It's midnight now, yes I know. But that's okay...I've performed Isyak prayer earlier. It's late hour but I don't have the feel to sleep early since last two night I didn't go to bed on the time- finishing e-PPDa slides until 2.30 o'clock in the morning. Well, I just have something that I feel to tell- what do I feel about the way I love myself.

The story begins....
     I resigned my post as the school prefect. Yes, extreme action right? Or it can be called unexpected. I think I know how does anyone else think when they hear or see this. Well, I admit I have some personal reasons but that doesn't make up the most percents of reason why did I quit. The main reason is I don't think I can't survive anymore, the circumstances getting harder than ever. I don't know if anyone did have the same or worst than me. I am in complicated circumstances. At home, I'm the sister and the 'anak dara' since my older sister is married and my brother has gone work as a doctor in Hospital Melaka. So, I'm the one who has to cook, clean and to babysit my 2-years old niece. Yes, it looks nothing to you but it's does made me desperate. It does, since I still have to go to the school, study, do homework, read books, do assignments and participate in competitions. Whoa! Don't you see? If I go home late everyday, babysit when I get home until 10 o'clock, when can I study and do homework??? Who would answer when my results go down? Or get scolded because I'm hopeless now???

   Hey...SPM is coming. It looks far away now but I don't want to do GOOD in SPM but the BEST! So please, if anyone did ever ask again why did I quit from the post, that is totally an OFFENSE!!!

   I'm sorry...but I'm the hope student of the school and I'm perfectionist and I can't stand be defeated!!!

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