Friday, December 24, 2010

the ultimate teenage girl dream

Yes, today's title is the ultimate teenage girl dream. Who's that teenage girl?? Of course I'm talking about myself. Hahah XD.

Well, I really had this ultimate dream. I wish to go study abroad. Especially to UK. I know it seems impossible, but I'm trying really sure to make it possible. I really love English Language you know. I always dream that someday I am among them, speak English clear and smoothly. Wow, how can I imagine that? I really really love the British slang. Another one thing why I love English is, it's international language, so I really think everyone should learn it. And if none of you had noticed, every words in English that they say include a deep meaning, I mean what you heard is not exactly straight to the meaning. Maybe now, you don't get it what I'm trying to say.

I read English a lot, maybe not in form of books but like short texts such as a plot of a movie, information on Internet, anything I can find in English. I always tried to read and understand. Even until now, I'm still not satisfied about my English skills right now. I think it needs a lot of improvement to get to the higher level. But I'm grateful I'm good in it.

Anyway, I'm still like another teenager you know. I'm also a fan to several celebrities, watch Korean dramas, admires hot male stars. You know, like you too.
I just want to tell, I have found my ultimate star to fan of. He is.....

Matt Lanter
 When I watch him in Vampires Suck as Edward Sullen the other day, and find some information about him, like I do always with other movie stars, I'm just like "He's the one!" I don't know why, but I never felt this way with other stars. Before this, I've been a fan of many actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Depp, Joshua Jackson, Daniel Radcliffe, Chris Pine, Christian Bale, Robert Pattinson and bla bla many more but this is totally different. I just want to say, "Matt Lanter, You're the one."

He also plays Liam Court, the 90210 teen drama's bad boy.

Here's some pictures of him.

That's all I want to tell and show you. Thanks for reading :)

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