Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time to strive, baby!

Hello, long time no see eh? 
Don't worry, I may not be seen but I'm always here all the time, eheh :P

During the entire past months I didn't write my blog because 
I have a couple problems- my computer was faulty, got mid-term exam, and busy to babysit my nieces.
But now, I guess everything is better now...
My computer is fine again (hope so), finished my mid-terms with relief and my nieces had gone back to their places with their parents so I don't have to babysit anymore.

Well, it is not over yet. I still have bigger thing to do, to get done.
The school magazine- I have done several designs and hope Pn. Juma will admit it.
and one more thing,
I got to strive really really bad in my study,
I heard a woman said,'SPM is the most difficult exam in our entire life'.
And, I believe that. SPM is the hardest one.
But once you pass it with flying colours, go to the higher education institution and have your degree,
you'll see, you have done a lot more easier exams than SPM.

Anyway, wish me luck for it and GOOD LUCK for you too!

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