Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hope high!

I wish they can be more understanding more than ever,
Asks what is wrong whenever I get upset,
Asks what happened in my life lately, for good and bad,
Encourage me towards what I dream for,
Give rewards when I do good deeds
Or being excellent in class,
I know they prayed for me, and will continue praying,
but I need more. Attention. To be caressed and spoiled like another child is.
I did what they asked me to do, yes I did. I do care about everything they do,
but sometimes they made me upset, because it seems like you didn't think of the best for me.
When I rebels, they would say that they never taught us to.
How come I would be such a disobedient person? Because they did, I hear and see everything they do.
Here I am, as a child hoping high for a change in the atmosphere of our lives.

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