Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A high point of my life

Hellooooo, everyone. It has been some weeks huh since the last post of mine. Today, I wanna tell you one of the most fascinating moments of my life. Yeah, sounds really exciting eh?

Yes, exciting and the happiest moment of mine. So, yesterday, my friends and I did the oral assessment. I was with Amalina, Aini, Asyiqin and Amirah as a team. I'm very happy to say that everything really went well with being congratulated by our teacher, Pn. Roslina!! Yahoooo…She said she gave us 5-6 marks for each of us and that means we got the EXCELLENT marks!!!! (I know that I've been excited for myself but I wrote the original script, ok :p)

Even that this is not the first time I got an excellent mark but I must be grateful. Thanks to all who had supported us and the biggest honor to my team, "You all had done a great job!!".

We have to be always grateful to Allah mostly when we're given this such an honor, I suggest. Just remember that everything we had, have and will have is Allah's and he can take them all anytime and anywhere he want. So, one tiny piece of advice from me, be GRATEFUL to Allah and never ever forget him no matter where, when and any circumstances.

Don't ever skip your SOLAT, okay?!! See you later :)))

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